Property Management:

Owning and managing your real estate investment can take up a lot of your time. As a property management company, we have all the resources at our fingertips to maintain your investment. We can curtail our services to what you need. As a landlord or property owner it is worth considering hiring Apartment Locator Management Company to oversee your property and its needs. We closely monitor each building and its residents. Marketing of your vacancy and lease origination is all done here. Annual renewals following the market so you don’t lose. Strategy, attention to market rate trends, and negotiating with your tenants is key to maintaining income and retention.

We pay attention and monitor routine maintenance issues from plumbing and electrical issue to lawn and snow service. We can implement and supervise your long term capital improvements with ease. Our lists of trusted contractors and service companies will be to your avail.

Having a unit vacant for an extended period of time will cost you money. A dated unit that does not appeal to the current day tenant will be passed by. By having us manage your property, we can provide affordable upgrades to your property as well as necessary turn over preparedness with as little down time as possible. By having Apartment Locator, LLC manage your property, tenants, and leases, we can be fully prepared to take charge of improvements, schedule and execute saving you as much time and money as possible.

  • Financials, Bookkeeping
  • Leasing and Compliance to Law
  • Market Comparisons and Analytics
  • Turn Overs
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Ongoing Projects & Improvements
  • Management & Supervision of Capital Improvements
  • Tenant relations, conflict resolution, complaints
  • Emergency calls

Interior Turnover (Before)

Interior Turnover (After)

Exterior Siding Project (Before)

Exterior Siding Project (Mid-Project)

Exterior Siding Project (After)