Helpful Questions and Answers

Q:  When I complete my application what do I do with It?

A:    You have several options:

  1.         1. Bring  the application(s) to our office signed with the application Fee ($25.00) per applicant 18 years or older and drop in the black drop box in the lobby if there is no one at the office.
  2.         2. Email the application and email it to
  3.         3. Fax application 207-774-1189

Q.    How long does it take to process my application?

A:    The review takes effect upon our office receiving a complete application and the application is paid.

Q.   Who do I contact for an update on the status on my application?

 A:   Call the office M -F @207-774-9303 from 9 am to 5 pm

Q:    Where do I sign the lease and pick up the keys?

A:     Set up an appointment to review & sign the lease, pick up the keys in our office @ 76 Park Ave,

         Portland, Maine.

Q:     When should I/we change the utilities into my name?

A:      The utilities that your are requires to pay for must be set up 48 hours prior to signing the lease

Q:      Where does my trash go, who provides the recycle bin?

A:       Review the tenant section in our web sight.

Q:       Where is there Parking to my Rental Unit?

A:       We will advise you on the current update parking information that belongs to you unit or can suggest

           rental parking in the area.

Q:      Please explain when monthly rent is due, what happens if  I am late or cannot pay on time.

          All rentals are due in our office on the very first day on the month.  If for some reason this can not be

          accomplish immediately contact us 207-774-9303 to discuss the situation and work out an

          arrangement. Your lease will state that if you are later than 7 days you may receive a notice stating

         that you lease will end in 7 days after receipt of the notice.  You are subject to a late fine up to 4 %

         of the monthly rent if arrears past 15 days.

         A fee of $25.00 is charged on returned checks.